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Wednesday | October 08, 2003

"Hey, I didn't order this!"

by RonK, Seattle

Per exit poll data on the CA Recall, all subject to the usual disclaimers ...

Of the 34% of voters with an "unfavorable" opinion of Arnold, 19% voted for recall. That's 6.5% of the total vote ... more than enough to swing the Recall question.

2.7% voted to oust Davis while saying they "approve" or "strongly approve" of his performance as Governor. That's about half his margin of defeat.

Additional voters thought they were "trading up" to Bustamante -- another 1%, or maybe more; Camejo "message voters" add 0.8%.

Another 3% voted for recall but said they wouldn't vote if the menu offered "Arnold or Cruz" ... presumably the same voters would abstain if the menu said "Arnold or Arnold".

Nearly 4% voted for Arnold after voting against Recall. Arnold was their second choice, at best.

41% voted Yes on Recall and voted for Arnold. At least these should be happy campers, shouldn't they?

Maybe yes, maybe no. By a huge margin -- 19% of all ballots -- Recall was the product of citizens who think Arnold can balance the budget without raising taxes. That's heavy lifting, even for Mr. Whatever.

Arnold has promised a $6B revenue cut, but hasn't yet identified any major program cuts or operational efficiencies. Do I smell buyer's remorse in the wind?

It's not about what you want; it's about what we get.

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