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Saturday | October 11, 2003

Pat Robertson Spouts Terrorist Threat

By Meteor Blades

The US State Department has lodged a vehement complaint with prominent conservative televangelist Pat Robertson for comments suggesting that its Foggy Bottom headquarters should be destroyed with nuclear weapons, officials said.

Robertson, who has been a frequent critic of the State Department, made the offending comments during an interview with a like-minded critic of US diplomacy, columnist Joel Mowbray, who has written a book entitled "Dangerous Diplomacy: How the State Department Threatens American Security."

Lodged a complaint? Lodged a complaint!??! When somebody makes a threat against the President, credible or not, the Feds pay a little visit. Joke about a bomb while standing in an airline ticket line and see what happens to you. So why didnít somebody from the FBI show up at the Rev. Robertsonís door after he made these remarks:

"I read your book," Robertson said, according to a transcript of the interview posted on his Christian Broadcasting Network's website (www.cbn.com). "When you get through, you say, 'If I could just get a nuclear device inside Foggy Bottom, I think that's the answer'," he said.

"I mean, you get through this, and you say, 'We've got to blow that thing up.' I mean, is it as bad as you say?" Robertson asked.

We can be sure Pat didnít really mean it. Just as he didnít mean when he and his pal Jerry Falwell accused Americans of having deserved the 9-11 attacks. I suppose the brain dead crowd that still sends money to this disgusting waste of DNA has no problem with his airing Mowbray's terrorist threat on national television.

We know he's not going to join the prisoners at Gitmo. But isnít there a provision somewhere in the Patriot Act that gives the go-ahead to wash this guyís mouth out with soap?

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