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Saturday | October 11, 2003

dKos tied with IP

Jerome Armstrong

Look what you all have done. DailyKos is now tied with InstaPundit in terms of daily traffic:


Kos mentioned earlier this week that he was probably about to jump the shark here. Given that he's much nearer now to moving this site onto Scoop, it probably just moves the goal posts further out. We'll see. Let's all chip in a few bucks via the links on the left here to keep him blogging. Congrats.

Kos adds: I am close to finishing Scoop. I'll probaby be done with all templates by end of day today, and will then spend several days testing to make sure all features work as advertised and the site is stable. We're finally really, really close.

As for Instapundit, our sitemeters still show Instapundit with a healthy lead, though this site and Atrios are both gaining strongly. Also, Sitemeter doesn't count page refreshes as individual pageviews, and I know many people continuously refresh comment windows when engaging in a debate. Since Insty doesn't have comments, he doesn't get that benefit. So in overall site traffic, I don't have a problem believing Alexa's numbers. And if Insty and dKos are tied in overal traffic, then Atrios bests us both. That's pretty cool.

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